1: "Tony and Ziva reunite" Fans can expect a heartfelt reunion between beloved characters Tony and Ziva in the NCIS spinoff.

2: "Exciting new investigations" Get ready for action-packed episodes filled with thrilling investigations and unexpected twists.

3: "Romantic tension" Experience the unresolved romantic tension between Tony and Ziva as they work together on the new team.

4: "Guest appearances" Look out for special appearances from familiar faces as the NCIS spinoff continues to expand its universe.

5: "Dangerous adversaries" Tony and Ziva will face off against dangerous adversaries, testing their skills and loyalty to each other.

6: "Emotional moments" Prepare for emotional moments as Tony and Ziva navigate their complex relationship amidst high-stakes missions.

7: "Character growth" Watch as Tony and Ziva grow and evolve as individuals, both professionally and personally.

8: "Unexpected alliances" Witness unexpected alliances form as Tony and Ziva work with new team members to solve tough cases.

9: "Explosive finale" The NCIS spinoff promises an explosive finale that will leave fans on the edge of their seats.