1: 1. Spider Plant: Known for air purification and positive energy. 2. Lucky Bamboo: Symbolizes prosperity and good luck. 3. Money Plant: Attracts wealth and abundance.

2: 4. Peace Lily: Brings peace and harmony to your home. 5. Jade Plant: Promotes financial success and growth. 6. Aloe Vera: Brings healing energy and positivity.

3: 7. Orchid: Represents love, beauty, and luxury. 8. Snake Plant: Purifies the air and removes toxins. 9. Rubber Plant: Enhances focus and productivity.

4: 10. ZZ Plant: Requires minimal care and brings good fortune. 11. Philodendron: Increases creativity and reduces stress. 12. Pothos: Attracts positivity and prosperity.

5: 13. Corn Plant: Symbolizes fertility and growth in home and life. 14. Croton: Adds vibrant colors and happiness to your space. 15. Prayer Plant: Brings peace, love, and good luck.

6: 16. Areca Palm: Enhances the overall energy of your home. 17. Anthurium: Represents happiness, abundance, and hospitality. 18. Fiddle Leaf Fig: Promotes harmony and brings prosperity.

7: 19. Monstera: Enhances creativity and personal growth. 20. Calathea: Purifies the air and promotes positivity. 21. Chinese Money Plant: Attracts good fortune and prosperity.

8: 22. Boston Fern: Brings luck and positivity to your home. 23. African Violet: Enhances spiritual awareness and harmony. 24. Schefflera: Symbolizes growth, prosperity, and good fortune.

9: 25. Dracaena: Enhances energy flow and prosperity in your home. 26. Weeping Fig: Promotes abundance and good luck. 27. Air Plants: Bring freshness and positive energy to any space.