1: Kris Jenner remembers Nicole Brown Simpson's tragic murder as a life-altering moment in their friendship.

2: The two shared a bond that lasted decades, with Jenner speaking candidly about her loss.

3: Jenner has expressed deep sorrow over Brown Simpson's untimely death and the impact it had on their circle.

4: Despite the tragedy, Jenner fondly recalls the good times and cherished memories shared with Brown Simpson.

5: Their friendship was marked by love, support, and mutual respect, with Jenner honoring Brown Simpson's memory.

6: Jenner has been vocal about the need for justice and closure in Brown Simpson's case, advocating for accountability.

7: Through the years, Jenner has remained a steadfast advocate for Brown Simpson, keeping her memory alive.

8: The bond between Jenner and Brown Simpson is a testament to the enduring power of friendship and loyalty.

9: As Jenner reflects on their decades-long connection, she continues to honor Brown Simpson's legacy and the impact she had on their lives.