1: NCIS star Cote de Pablo teases fans with rare return to screens ahead of spinoff show.

2: Fans excited as Cote de Pablo's character Ziva David set to make a comeback.

3: Cote de Pablo's return sparks speculation about possible reunion with other NCIS characters.

4: Social media abuzz with reactions to Cote de Pablo's anticipated appearance on new show.

5: Cote de Pablo's fans eagerly await her revival of fan-favorite character Ziva David.

6: Cote de Pablo's cameo creates buzz for spinoff show among NCIS enthusiasts.

7: Audiences express joy at the news of Cote de Pablo's return to TV screens.

8: Cote de Pablo's guest role on new series stirs nostalgic feelings for NCIS devotees.

9: Excitement grows as Cote de Pablo's brief return hints at possible future appearances.