1: No Selfies The Met Gala strictly prohibits guests from taking selfies inside the event. Respect the rules and focus on enjoying the moment.

2: No Onions Guests are urged to avoid eating onions before attending the Met Gala due to potential bad breath issues. Stay fresh for the red carpet.

3: No Phones Allowed Leave your phones at home. The Met Gala enforces a no-phone policy to encourage genuine conversations among guests.

4: No Revealing Outfits The Met Gala has a dress code that prohibits revealing outfits. Embrace the theme and show off your style in a classy way.

5: No Gossiping Respect the privacy of fellow guests by refraining from gossiping. The Met Gala is a place for sophisticated conversation and positive vibes.

6: No Late Arrivals Guests must arrive on time for the Met Gala. Being fashionably late is not an option at this prestigious event.

7: No Entry Without Invitation Strictly RSVP only. The Met Gala follows a guest list policy, and unauthorized entry is not permitted.

8: No Food Allowed Inside Enjoy the pre-Gala dinner, but remember that food is not allowed inside the event. Focus on mingling and enjoying the atmosphere.

9: No Paparazzi The Met Gala values guests' privacy. Paparazzi are not allowed near the venue, ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone.