1: Taraji P Henson takes charge after playing Cookie Lyon on Empire, firing her team for missed opportunities.

2: The actress demands professionalism post-Empire, ensuring her career continues to soar to new heights.

3: Henson's bold move sets an example for women in entertainment, standing up for their worth.

4: With a successful run as Cookie Lyon, she paves the way for diverse roles ahead.

5: Henson's drive and determination lead her to new exciting ventures post-Empire.

6: The star emphasizes the importance of strong teams in navigating Hollywood's challenges.

7: After Empire, Henson shows resilience and determination in forging new paths for herself.

8: The actress remains a powerhouse in Hollywood, proving her talent knows no bounds.

9: Taraji P Henson's post-Empire journey is a testament to her strength and unwavering ambition.