1: As Season 5 of Stranger Things approaches, fans are speculating about who might meet their demise.

2: No character is safe in the Upside Down world, and some beloved characters may not make it out alive.

3: Will fan-favorites like Eleven, Mike, or Dustin meet a tragic end in the upcoming season?

4: The suspense is high as viewers await the fate of their favorite Stranger Things characters in Season 5.

5: With each new season, the stakes get higher, and the possibility of character deaths looms.

6: Could characters like Steve, Nancy, or Jonathan face a tragic demise in the latest season?

7: As the Duffer Brothers continue to surprise fans, no character is truly safe from their storytelling twists.

8: Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as the fate of Stranger Things characters hangs in the balance.

9: Who will survive and who will meet their end? Tune in to Season 5 to find out the fate of the Stranger Things characters.